Smart meters

So called “smart meters” are being rolled out nationally, as part of a global program to track, control, and tax all energy usage in fine detail. These meters are capable of capturing and transmitting via wireless network detailed information about your utility and appliance usage, and of being remotely controlled. Seattle is poised for a deployment in late 2014 or early 2015, after the smart meters were included in the “Climate Action Plan” approved by the Seattle City Council. Seattle City Light hosted three forums in August and September to hear residents’ concerns about the planned deployment, although ultimately the major deployment decisions reside with the Council. (Please sign the linked petition to support an all-out ban.)

Both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have pointed out the privacy problems with the new smart meter grid. These devices will allow energy providers (and anyone with access to that information, including third party or unauthorized access) to determine in fine detail when people are home at your house, and to determine their activities. New information has also come forth that these devices are part of the NSA’s ignominious PRISM spying program.

Even worse, since smart meters communicate with utility companies and with enabled appliances via a wireless network, they emit microwave radiation, and they have been found to violate already high FCC limits for human exposure to microwave radiation. There are also reports of smart meters interfering with pacemakers and other implants, and they can contribute to the increasingly prevalent problem of electrosensitivity among other health problems. For these reasons, while an opt-out option would be better than mandatory exposure for Washingtonians, it would be best to dispense with this dangerous, intrusive, obsolete technology altogether.

UPDATE: Means for Change has sent a copy of Take Back Your Power, along with a Notification of  Liability to 378 Washington State government officials and professional leaders, detailing the dangers of the proposed smart grid. Please see the full information at the first link under “Take Action,” along with the notification that you can use in contacting your district legislators.)


Take Action

Correspondence with Washington State Legislators and Officials (Washington state residents can complete the NOTICE OF SUPPORT FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION to let their District Legislators know they support an immediate and complete safety review of Radiofrequency Radiation, and a moratorium on the installation of smart meters and Personal Wireless Services Facilities, until determined safe.)

Seattle City Council: Ban the use and installation of smart meters PLEASE SIGN

Moratorium on the Implementation of ‘Smart’ Meters in Seattle PLEASE SIGN

Demand a free opt-out law from Smart Meters in WA (petition) PLEASE SIGN

10 Questions for Your Utility

Nationwide Petition for Free Opt-Out PLEASE SIGN

Whitehouse: National Petition for Free Opt-Out

“Smart Grid Advancement Act” Introduced in US Congress; Take Action to Stop it today

Seattle and Washington State

Open Letter on Smart Meter Dangers to Seattle Utility Companies

Washingtonians Against SMART Meters (Facebook group)

Washington Wireless Awareness

Electrical Engineer Sues Power Company Over Smart Meter (North Bend, WA)

Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project (ignores all fatal flaws of this technology)

Seattle’s “Smart Meter” Switch

Seattle City Light Propaganda for Advanced Metering (a rename of Smart Metering) (ignores all fatal flaws of this technology)

The Technology Does Not Work (increases utility costs, does not save energy)

Smart Grid Funding Misspent on Obsolete Technologies

Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid

Germany Rejects EU Smart-Meter Recommendations on Cost Concerns (Bloomberg)

Why the US Power Grid’s Days Are Numbered (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Solar panels could destroy US utilities, according to US utilities (Grist)

Damage to Structures (buildings, infrastructure)

Smart Meters Cause Molecular Earthquakes in Buildings

Smart Meters Can Invalidate your Homeowners Insurance

Curtis Bennett articles on smart meter damage (electrical engineer)

Privacy Problems

EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) — The Smart Grid and Privacy

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) articles on smart meters

Exposed: Google’s “Smart Home” Surveillance Plans, or, How To Not Be Colonized

Smart Electricity Meters can be Used to Spy on Private Homes (NBC)

Smart Meters Exposed as part of NSA Spying (and national mandate HR 2685)

Does Your Local Government Have a “Black Budget” Too? (ACLU)

New “Smart Meters” for Energy Use Put Privacy at Risk

Interview with EFF: How Smart Meters Violate our Right to Privacy

Warning over Smart Meters Privacy Risk (BBC)

University of Washington and Microsoft Research on Using Wi-Fi to Track Your Moves

Harm to Health

Scientific Consensus — Smart Meters Harm Our Health

Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America

Smart Meter Health Complaints

Children’s Health Expert Panel: Cell Phones and Wi-Fi — Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk

Smart Meters Are An Even Larger Threat Than I Had Thought

NASA Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare (Pages 43 and 51 are smoking guns concerning inhaled nanoparticle and low-powered radio frequency weapons being used against civilians in ongoing semi-secret US corporate government / military war crimes, respectively, in the form of geoengineering / chemtrails and smart grid technologies / GWEN towers / microwave ovens.)

Declassified US Army Document: RF Voice Transmission into Brains of Targeted Individuals (This is just flawsome — yet another potential application for home/workplace/public spaces-based smart utility meters! — REC)

Navy Yard Shooter Says He Was Driven to Kill, FBI Says (just one of many possible applications for this expanding RF access to our minds and bodies!)

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons

Smart Grid Sensibility

Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation (health effects)

Scientific Papers on EMF Health Effects (Powerwatch)

PG&E Begins Removing “Smart” Meters Due to Health Effects

BioInitiative Report 2012: A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation

New study: direct links to 7191 cancer deaths from cellular antennas radiation (Brazil)

Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying Nature by Electrosmog

Electro Magnetic Radiation / Microwave Panel Discussion with Dr. Peter Goldberg, Sharon Weinstein and Curtis Bennett

Legislative Victories

Maine Public Utilities Commission

National and International Sites


United Kingdom Stops All Smart Meter Installations (and notice, BBC notice)

Utility smart meters raise health, privacy concerns (Boston Globe)

Stop The Crime: Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters

Refuse Smart Meters

Freedom Taker (how to demand the removal of (or remove) a smart meter)

Video & Movie

Take Back Your Power (2:31 trailer, film coming 9/5/2013) (USA Today article on film: Crowd-sourced Documentary Exposes Smart Grid Shortfalls)

The Truth About Smart Meters (1:08:16)

The Dark Side of ‘Smart’ Meters (San Francisco Tesla Society) (32:52)

Dr. Barrie Trower Interview (on health impacts of microwave radiation) (35:44)

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (8:57)

Smart Meters: Building the Global Surveillance Grid (Deborah Tavares) (25:44)

Live Blood Analysis — Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters (2:43)

Jerry Day Interview: Smart Meters & the Global Spy Grid (NSA) (59:14)

Woman Arrested for Posting Video of Armed Goons Escorting Smart Meter Installers (4:08)

How Hackers Can Steal Electricity (1:39)

Chaos Communication Congress (28th) demo of hacking smart meters to surveil a home and falsify power consumption data (1:00:17)

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