Safe water


Seattle Public Utilities has added fluoride to Seattle’s city water since 1970, at a targeted level of 1.0 part per million. This supplemental fluoride is actually silicofluoride, a toxic industrial waste, which also contains arsenic and lead, as is the “fluoride” added to water supplies in the rest of the United States. Many residents oppose the addition of an unregulated and non-dosage controlled medication to our drinking water. In Washington state, the citizens’ group Washington Action for Safe Water is working to end the fluoridation of our waters.

‘Fluoridegate’ is the next major civil rights issue

Fluoride Action Network

Fluoridegate movie

Contamination of the Water Supply

Janet Phelan on the Water System: We are not Safe (15:35)

Janet Phelan Water Wars

Our Ocean

West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation

Hundreds of Dead Sea Stars Discovered on Seattle Shore

Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean — Could It Be Fukushima?

What is Happening to Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible for the Mass Animal Deaths?

They’re Going to Dump the Fukushima Radiation into the Ocean


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