Local Organizations

These local organizations are doing valuable work to inform and empower the public, and influence the political process in the areas of health, privacy, government accountability, and others.

Campaign for Liberty. A non-partisan group whose mission is to promote and defend individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy by means of educational and political activity.

We Are Change Seattle. A loosely organized, independent, non-partisan, Peace activist group, interested in educating the public about the 9/11 false-flag attacks, confronting the media, and peaceful demonstration.

Seattle Privacy. Formed in response to the proliferation of data gathering, sharing, and storage programs in use by departments of the City of Seattle. They seek to ensure expert review of such programs.

TA3M. Hosts a monthly event for people that either work on or want to learn more about online surveillance or censorship, the open source tools that are used to combat it, and issues and initiatives associated with this area. The idea is to bring together software developers, activists, concerned citizens, and others.

Stop Spying on Seattle. Recent group formed in the wake of the Stranger and other articles about the mass surveillance programs afoot in Seattle.

Spying Silences Us. Aims to bring new people into the movement for protection of civil liberties, government accountability, and social change. Committed to radical and participatory democracy, and new methods of organizing and mobilizing.

Washington Wireless Awareness. Committed to informing the public on the health and privacy issues associated with our wireless technologies such as smart meters, cellular phones and towers, compact fluorescents, dirty electricity, and other EMF and microwave devices, and influencing policy based on these issues.

Media Resources

These are some sources which provide information that is not controlled by the organized crime network managing all of our major news. Provides summaries, analyses, and videos on the major areas of information which are systematically un-reported or under-reported to Americans. A wealth of reliable and well-referenced information is provided including archives of news articles, scientific results, and declassified documents. One of the best sources to gain an overview of what is actually happening in our world and country.

Project Censored. This is a Sonoma State University media research project, in which teams of journalism students work with faculty to investigate major news which is underreported. Their goal is to choose the most important stories annually, which have either not been reported by major sources, or have received little attention, and to investigate and publish those stories.

Dr. Mercola. Accurate information about a wide range of health topics can be found from Dr. Mercola. While many online health resources censor critical health information which might either implicate industrial perpetrators, or might implicate our own medical standards and treatments, Dr. Mercola simply provides honest and crucial information.

The Corbett Report. Podcasts, interviews, articles, and videos about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective.

Global Research. Provides an extensive archive of news articles, in-depth reports, and analysis which is barely covered by the mainstream media.

Educate-Yourself. Provides information on many of the crucial coverups of our era. They also provide links to many valuable resources.

We Are Change. An independent media organization working to expose corruption worldwide.

Ben Swann Truth In Media. An award winning journalist committed to the journalistic Fourth Estate.

A Poisoned World. Over 150 videos documenting the many poisons afflicting our world.

Activist Organizations (National and International)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Digital privacy advocates.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). Digital Privacy Advocates.

Project for Open Government.

Why the Major Media Should Not Be Trusted

The NDAA Legalizes the Use of Propaganda on the US Public



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