OPPT and Courtesy Notices

OPPT: the One People’s Public Trust

In late 2012, the One People’s Public Trust submitted a number of UCC filings which legally foreclosed upon government corporations worldwide, including the UNITED NATIONS, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and all incorporated states, cities, and regulatory agencies. These actions provide additional framework for lawful non-participation with these former organizations, and a number of courtesy notices have been and are being designed for communication with these (no longer legitimate) organizations. This site, the i-uv site, and others now house courtesy notices which can be used to communicate this non-participation once one understands the situation and process.

Courtesy notices (in Word format)

Chemtrails and Chembombs




OPPT — The One People’s Public Trust


Banks and “Governments” Foreclosed Worldwide

Foreclosure of Government Corporation (Eurozone)

Judge Dale on the UCC filings, and further info

Common Law: Jorge Bergoglio Holds No Lawful Authority


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