We should all know at this point that fossil fuel extraction and combustion, and fracking, are hastening the destruction our environment. Our groundwater is being polluted with toxic fracking chemicals, and our air is being polluted with heavy metals and other poisons, while a few criminal corporations are able to pervert our legal and regulatory processes to maintain control of the energy market for Americans. Meanwhile, habitat-destroying oil spills, and the use of ever more dangerous and unregulated toxins, such as Corexit, and nuclear disasters such as the ongoing catastrophe of Fukushima, are bringing us to the point where the earth cannot sustain life.

We need to leave these industries behind, in totality. There are many technologies that can allow us to do this, but we must overcome the unconscionable suppression of competition which is the heart of our current organized crime corporatocracy. There are several national and local efforts to develop, share, and encourage “alternative,” renewable, and breakthrough energy technologies.


New Energy Information Center (

Multiple Scientists Confirm the Reality of Free Energy

The Truth Behind the Energy Lie (1:08:50)



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