City planning

United Nations Agenda 21: The Global Program Behind our City Planning

UN Agenda 21, or the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century, is a global planning vision for communities throughout the world. The details of the vision are given in a 1140-page instruction book titled the Global Biodiversity Assessment. The vision works from the premise that “Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere” (p 773), and then designs a solution to this problem which includes massive depopulation, de-modernization, and de-industrialization of the world’s people. It proposes to end unsustainable practices, among which it includes private property, monotheism, and the family unit. The overall vision for a future earth has humans living in densely populated human settlements with the vast majority of all land off-limits to human visitation (except of course for the elite ultra-rich ruling class which will be totally in control of the rest of us). Their target number of survivors is 1 billion people by 2050.

As the US Senate chose not to ratify the treaty, it is instead being implemented, in thousands of locations worldwide, through global to local partnerships which are led by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). The initiatives favor “public private partnerships,” which essentially means that preferred developers are given public funds to build high-density living and commercial space, regardless of the wishes of community members. Payment for this development is via development loans which strap local governments with debt repayment, and via increased taxes for residents which are often raised by targeting “unsustainable” practices for additional taxation (such as water use or owning land or a home). Additional revenue is also gained by property rezoning gimmicks, which serve the dual purpose of driving people away from land and homes which they can no longer afford. If you have heard stories about families being driven from their farms because their property was rezoned such that their tax was no longer affordable, or you have noticed similar stack-and-pack dense apartments being built all over your city, occupied by the same multinational chain business, then you have witnessed UN Agenda 21 in action.

Note that these programs are not called Agenda 21 programs by local government, since the central planners found that people did not like this agenda.

Seattle Manifestations

Seattle, like other cities, has city planning which is done behind closed doors by city officials and “sustainable” developers, while public “visioning” meetings are used to gather public input which has no effect on the actual plan. Currently we have several negative development trends.

  • The light rail to nowhere. Rail is being laid all over the city, while there is no station plan available through the planning office. Whose plan is being implemented and how can it be secret from residents?
  • Stack-and-packs are being relentlessly installed in neighborhoods, with the effect of driving up prices and driving out small businesses.
  • Roads are often full of potholes and not being maintained (which discourages driving, an “unsustainable” activity, but leads to unsafe roads).
  • Several pilot surveillance programs are being pursued which include facial recognition and facial expression recognition programming (see our surveillance page).
  • Streetlights are being installed in many business districts which appear to be Homeland Security’s conversation recording “Intellistreets” lamps (again, see our surveillance page).
  • Smart meters are on the horizon for rollout (see our smart meters page).


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