EcoTruthSeattle is a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in issues of government accountability and environmental safety. Within our loose group, while our views may not always exactly coincide, we believe that through communication and collaboration we can understand what is happening to and around us, and take effective action to protect ourselves and our environment. We believe in understanding the relationships among different areas of concern, and fostering an understanding of these interrelationships to increase the power and effectiveness of activists. Among the interests of our group members are:

  • Environmental toxicity (food and water safety, fluoride, GMOs, pesticides, aerosol engineering)
  • Privacy and Surveillance (including physical and internet surveillance, and the emerging “smart grid” threat)
  • UN Agenda 21 and Seattle planning
  • Financial crime (local, state, national, and global corporate government takeover, IRS and regulatory legitimacy)
  • Government crime (corporate control, government secrecy, financial conflicts of interest)
  • OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) and related systemic initiatives
  • Peace

We are also aware of the important relationships among these issues — for example, our city planning is incorporating UN global planning guidelines, which include an increase in surveillance technologies, while we are being bombarded by toxic particulates from our military and related corporations, which is not being covered by a corporate-controlled media, while the same group of global elite controls most media and resources worldwide and is behind the worldwide toxic contamination, while openly calling for radical depopulation, while telling us that we must accept further external control for our own good since we are destroying the environment. Meanwhile we are having GMO foods forced upon us, while the GM lobby exerts thoroughly undemocratic control over the legislative process, and while our legislators have deep financial conflicts of interest with agricultural, energy, pharmaceutical and other sectors, and meanwhile our soils are being destroyed by corporate and military aerial spraying which can devastate our agriculture and force us further into using GM seed, while those companies gain a stranglehold over the world’s food supply….

So while we are intensely interested in a variety of issues, we understand their interconnectedness, and we think that by working together and understanding the larger relationships, we can increase our impact. We have come to understand that these problems are not a conflict between two sides of a political spectrum, but are more accurately a conflict between a small number of criminally insane people who want to control all people and all resources, and the rest of us — a large number of people who simply want to live safely and freely.


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