Comments welcome

This is a very new site, so please leave comments on what you want to see on here, and we’ll respond. And please forgive the newness — we wanted to have something online before March Against Monsanto, but there is still much work to be done. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Comments welcome

  1. Does this meeting address possible health risks due to radiation at Magnuson Park ?
    I’ve just recently heard of this danger and would like to know where I can learn more, as this is an area I frequent. Thanks, ~Sonia

    • Hi, Sonia. Yes, we will be talking about the Magnuson Park radiation, and please come if you are interested. From another group member: “Current State Representative/Former Executive Director of Hearts of America Northwest Gerry Pollett/members of his legislative and/or HOAN members will be in attendance to speak to concerns about the US Navy’s/City of Seattle’s radioactive contamination and coverup in Magnuson Park/ Lake Washington and what we can do about it.”

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